A Step Back in History

Did you know that HTT was among the first tour companies in Kenya, going back to the 1950’s? This is a period when there were no parks or lodges and mostly American tourists used to come to see the beautiful wildlife of Kenya

It was a wow and magical experience.

We used to have Land rovers and Volkswagen Westfalia that were fully equipped with tents, cooking equipment, chairs, tables and other essential items. The tourists would then rent these vehicles from us and go out on an exciting tour of the country enjoying the wide variety of flora and fauna.

Volkswagen Westfalia: Image Courtesy: Pixabay

So at HTT, we know and have plenty of experience in organizing safaris, incentives for corporates, honeymoon and African-themed wedding.

We will be posting updates here with some amazing stories and events that HTT has worked on for the many years we’ve been offering amazing safaris and holidays.

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