Honeymoon Safaris – Celebrate Love in the Wild

A honeymoon is a very special occasion which will create and make memories of a life time. Are you planning your honeymoon and want to bond with your partner as you start a new chapter together? There’s no better place to celebrate this wonderful milestone than in the African wild.

An out-of-the box kind of honeymoon. Just imagine, spending a few days in the wild, sipping champagne, while admiring the African sunset. Stay in luxury lodges/camps with 5-star cuisine bush dinners. Enjoy the peaceful and refreshing atmosphere under the clear skies and a bonfire to keep the two of you warm as you cuddle under the bright stars.

Photo by Sutirta Budiman on UnSplash

To top it all, you’ll venture out into the sweeping plains in specially designed safari vehicles as you enjoy the thrilling game drives; watch the lions, majestic elephants, elegant giraffes and other wildlife as they roam God’s earth.

At HTT, we have organized hundreds of honeymoon safaris to couples from all around the world. We’ll handle every aspect of your safari; from airport transfers, accommodation, game drives and other surprises in between that will make this occasion special and memorable.

Let us take you on an amazing journey and make your honeymoon a reality.

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