Perfect Islands for a Romantic Getaway

Beach Cinema photo credit: Soneva Maldives (license)

Beach Cinema photo credit: Soneva Maldives (license)

Couples in search of an idyllic island should be tempted to head for old favorites such as Southeast Asia or the Indian Ocean. These islands offer privacy, relaxation and a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of normal city life. Moreover, there are plenty of activities and scenic landscapes that will make your honeymoon or romantic getaway magical.

For Leisure: Maldives
Nothing beats a wedding or honeymoon like a getaway to the Maldives. This remote Indian Ocean archipelago greets honeymooners with white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, atolls and secluded resorts.
For a memorable romantic escape, plunge into the turquoise waters for an amazing dive or hop on a boat and cruise away. For the ultimate romantic evening, plan a private, beachside, candlelit dinner.


For the Romantic: Mauritius
Mauritius is an island just off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. It is renowned for its pristine & turquoise waters and luxury reports that have played host to countless number of wedding and honeymoon celebrations.
However, it is much more than beaches. It’s also an excellent destination for those interested in scenic hiking and mountain climbing, world class snorkelling and even sea diving.

Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Island of Love
From a decorated Byzantine chapel to a quaint village or monastery, Aphrodite’s island offers a huge variety of interesting places to get married or have a memorable honeymoon.
Aphrodite, goddess of love, was reputed to have risen from the waves here and Mark Anthony gave the island as a gift to his lover Cleopatra. Set sail on a private yacht, cruise the azure waters and then dock at a private island where you can pop the question!


Tahiti: Heaven on Earth
Tahiti! The word itself evokes visions of an island paradise. With 118 islands boasting high, rugged mountain peaks, white sand, palm-fringed beaches, and luxuriously intimate resorts, each island paradise has something for everyone. It’s the ideal getaway for a romantic holiday, wedding or an anniversary.

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