Why You Should Go on a Kenyan Safari

Kenya, with its expansive landscapes, formidable animal life, the world’s most breathtaking wildlife migration at Masai Mara, captivating local culture & warm hospitality is arguably the best for safari goers.

This East African gem, often dubbed the “World Safari Capital” offers hundreds of species of animals, over 1000 bird species, 40 diverse cultural tribes, the famous Great Rift Valley, lush forests, deserts,open savannahs, hot water springs, amazing beaches & a warm ocean!

These are just few reasons why you should visit Kenya.

Wildebeest Migration – Masai Mara

the-crossingThe Wildebeest Migration is the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet. Every year, from June to October, over 2 million animals including wildebeests and zebras flood into Kenya’s Masai Mara from the Serengeti, Tanzania. It is here that they seek fresh pasture lasting them until end of October where they make the journey back. The main attraction point is when the animals cross the Mara River – where crocodiles patiently wait for them.

Connecting with Elephants

David_Sheldrick_Wildlife_TrustVenture out into the wilderness and come and walk among the elephants. This is an incredible and epic safari that will remain in your memory for years to come. This experience takes place at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Tsavo East; a home for rescued baby elephant orphans. Activities include; feeding & bathing the young ones, encountering elephants as they come back from the bushes and retreat to their shelters and much more.

Canopy Walk at Ngare Ndare Forest

laikipia-ngare-ndare-forestNgare Ndare Forest is a located on the foothills of Mt. Kenya. The canopy walkway is a 40 ft. high & 450 metres long aerial bridge of wire mesh and cables meandering through the tree canopy. The walkway ends at a wooden platform 30ft. high, where guests can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated vantage point. Elephants and buffaloes frequently come here to drink and wallow, and one can enjoy a drink or a meal at the lofty deck.

The Chalbi Desert & Lake Turkana

Chalbi_DesertIf you are one for experiencing worthwhile adventures and new discoveries, then you will want to visit the Chalbi Desert and Lake Turkana. Being the world’s biggest desert lake, Lake Turkana is not only a marvel in its own right. The arid beauty of the giant lake spreading out in the desert landscape will impress you. The area is easily accessible by road or air.

Rich Heritage & Culture

masaiKenya is famous for its rich culture and heritage where tribes men and women live authentically as they have done for centuries. The people are warm, hospitable and friendly. This is the land of no worries, as the popular saying “Hakuna Matata” goes. In fact, you will arrive a tourist and leave a friend. The unique culture of some of the ethnic tribes, such as the Masai and Samburu is unrivalled and a wonderful experience to behold.

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