CELEBRATIONS - Proposals, Weddings & Honeymoons

HTT has planned weddings on the beaches of Zanzibar to birthday celebrations in the wild plains of Kenya. We ensure to make every moment better than the last and an experience that special person will hold very close to them.

One of a Kind Wedding Proposals!

You’ve found the person that is sure to make every day forward filled with happiness, hope and wondrous moments. You’ve decided to express your sentiments to them and asked them to do you the honour of spending the rest of their life with you…

So, now why not make this once in a lifetime moment, an occasion to remember and recount for years to come!

HTT has created many such moments for couples around the world, in one of a kind settings that are nothing short of magical. We can arrange a destination proposal for you and your partner, in various destinations around the world.

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The Perfect Proposal:

A few ideas to get you thinking:

A: Kenya: Spirit of the wild – Bush Proposal!

Let us take you and your partner on an afternoon game drive followed by a romantic sundowner.

As dusk turns to night, prepare to leave the site only to be ambushed by a group of screaming warriors. The troupe will hold you captive as your driver guide interprets what’s happening to you. You will be accused of trespassing and in penance they will ask for you & your mate to return with them to their village.

Your guide will explain that before entering the village both of you must be dressed in traditional attire. Masai ladies will then enter the camp, along with beaded jewelry and attire and sit your partner down on a ceremonial stool. They will start to dress her in royal Masai garb. You shall then be taken to the Masai village, where a special traditional setup will be arranged within the village as the site of your proposal.

Once your partner has been seated in the ceremonial chair, you can get down on one knee & tell her that in this moment the only thing you would want is for her to agree to marry you! Masai ladies will bring a beautiful calabash adorned in beads and housed within which, will be a sparkling ring.

Let’s hope she says yes after all this! Bottles of champagne will follow along with Masai blessings and chanting. An elegant bush dinner will then await you; fine dining, romantic lantern lighting, a roaring bonfire and the tribe singing joyously will bring permanence to this moment that few will ever supercede!

Romantic Dinner in the Wild

B: Do it yourself options:

- Go on a trekking adventure and propose to her while visiting a local village, in their traditional way.
- Visit her favourite charity or social organization and spend a day with her getting involved hands on. At the end of a fulfilling and rewarding day together ask her to share the rest of her life with you to continue to bring value, appreciation and humility to you always.
- Build her a culinary sculpture of one of her favourite places in the world and embed the ring in it. (Pyramid shaped cake, Taj Mahal Desert Sculpture, Wild African Bush made from burnt sugar)

- Setup a romantic dinner spread along with candles and lights in your garden space
- Hide the ring in one of her favourite items – new pair of shoes you buy her / atop her favourite decadent pastry / strung to a bouquet of her favourite flowers / attached to her TO DO List with a mention at the bottom of the list saying…oh, and MARRY ME?

Whatever the setting or style HTT can create a magical and memorable occasion for you to present one of the biggest questions of your life!

For a unique, customised and memorable celebration, please get in touch with our HTT team where we have a staff specialised to offer you a range of ideas, venues and themes to make this a truly special experience.

Contact for a detailed proposal for your celebration/event.