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Egypt Holidays - Destination at a Glance

There is a mystery and grandeur to Egypt that is omnipresent in this spell binding land. The land of the pharaohs, where thousands of years of history are translated into architecture, craft, culture and traditions. This land of wonders leaves an everlasting impression on all its visitors. It unveils a bounty of history in it's ancient temples, pyramids, relics and monuments.

Egypt is a land rich in what it has to offer. No one leaves without visiting one of the wonders of the world; the Pyramids at Giza, in tandem to this one can visit the Sphinx and the Sun Boat at Saqarra. You can experience some of the best deep sea diving and fishing in the world at its seaside town of Sharm El Sheikh. Visit the temples of Aswan and Luxor during the day or a sound and light show at night. Dine in the desert under Arabian tents at luxurious resorts or on elegant dinner cruises on the Nile.


Geographical Location

Egypt has a population of over 76 million and offers a varied topography. With the Sahara desert to the west, Mediterranean Sea to the north and the River Nile running north to south.


Cairo, the capital city is one of the most exciting cities both by day and by night. Apart from the bustling markets, world class museums, relics and mosques and lunch cruises on the Nile, Cairo wakes up to an exciting night life with belly dancing shows, sound and light shows at the Pyramids or world class clubs and lounges. For great nightlife while in Sharm el Sheikh visit the recently opened and world renowned - 'Little Buddha Bar'


Religion in Egypt controls many aspects of social life and is endorsed by law. Egypt is predominantly Islam, with Muslims comprising between 80% and 95% of a population of around 80 million Egyptians. The vast majority of Muslims in Egypt are part of the Sunni Islam. A significant number of Muslim Egyptians also follow native Sufi orders, and there is a minority of Shi'a numbering a few thousands.

Economic Profile

Egypt has one of Africa’s most prosperous economies despite the fact that it is extremely vulnerable to external factors such as the continuing conflict in the surrounding region and the subsequent drop in tourism, which is one of the country’s main economic sectors in addition to the oil and gas sectors.