HTT has successfully been handling events around the world for over 30 years.

Our professional, creative and experienced team offer the entire gamut of services from start to finish. We work with our clients to understand their goals and needs required from each event and continue this thread into event delivery and post event analysis.

With extensive experience in the events and incentive industry, HTT has handled events in destinations such as Kenya, Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

We employ our set of skills in events as small as 10 people (CEO Dinners) to events as large as 1500 people (Gala and Theme Nights).

Our team creates special interest events oriented to popular sporting occasions, musical or artistic festivals, promos and National Days and more.

For celebrations HTT offers you fantastic, bespoke options to celebrate in style – anniversaries, weddings, 50th Birthday celebrations, Parties and more.

If you're looking for something with an edge, and willing to push the boundaries of creativity, our team will WOW you with concepts sure to impress all your guests and create a spectacular and memorable occasion for you.



The Power of A Memorable Event

Events are an opportunity to SHOWCASE your product, your brand, your style and your message to your audience. It allows companies to use creativity, finesse and the WOW factor to make a statement and set itself apart from the competition. A successful event allows you to connect with your audience, drive your message across creatively and stay with the client into the future.

Corporate Benefits from an Event?

  • Attract media coverage & increase your visibility
  • Marketing via word of mouth from attendees
  • Event Promotion creates a stir in the market, leading to recognition.
  • Connect with your audience in an interactive and experiential medium.
  • Allow your brand to associate itself with various characteristics.

Considerations when Planning Events

  • Target your audiences with an event that speaks to them on an approachable level
  • Pick the right time of year, week and day to maximize the effect
  • Outline event goals, then incorporate each component to achieve these goals
  • Set Budgets with buffers for last minute adjustments
  • Create back up plans for every component
  • Use an experienced & resourceful organizer for professional delivery
  • Be creative and think out of the box
  • Ensure your guests leave with a memorable impression
  • Evaluate & measure the events success