Kenya has some beautiful beaches the world over! Envision brilliant blue waters lapping against fine white sands, where you can stretch and relax. Kenyan Beaches are lined with protective coral reefs, creating ideal waters for swimming and water sports. For the more adventurous there is diving and big game fishing. From Mombasa in the south, through Malindi and Watamu and north to Lamu, the traders of Arabia, Portugal, China and India have woven a special magic through this unique coastline.


Time spent relaxing on these beaches makes the perfect end to any safari in Kenya. A stay incorporating Kenya’s beaches can be tailor-made to suit your budget and the time you have available.

FISHING: Kenya is becoming the premier destination in the World for broadbill, particularly for light tackle and enthusiasts. The months of October, November and March are ideal with the sea generally calmer during these months, but September and December also fair well for fishing. In the Pemba Channel the best strike rates to date have been during October and March.

The Kenyan fishing season runs from 15th July to 31st March, but within this there are 2 seasons, the TUNA SEASON and the BILLFISH SEASON.

TUNA SEASON: Annually large yellow fin tuna migrate along the Kenya coast and become channeled through the Pemba Channel. The yellow fin tuna schools are followed by huge blue and black marlin as well as striped marlin, sailfish, mako shark, wahoo, dorado (mahi mahi, lampuga, coryphaen) and many other game fish. The biggest black marlin taken was 800 lb, the biggest blue marlin, 724 1/2 lb. caught in the middle of September and granders have been raised at this time. There have been many big marlin caught during August, September and October months.

BILLFISH SEASON: Six varieties of billfish can be found here including all three species of marlin - black, blue and striped - as well as sailfish, broadbill swordfish and even the rare short bill spearfish. Of the marlins, striped form the majority and huge numbers of them migrate through the channel every year. The season runs from mid-November to mid-March when the wind blows from the Northeast, although small numbers may be caught at any other time. Sailfish are present throughout this period as well, although December possibly being the peak month.

Large sharks, such as tigers and hammerheads may also be taken at this time of year. Due to heavy commercial fishing in the World's oceans, sharks are becoming endangered world-wide and we strongly encourage adopting a tag & release approach to sharks.