Altitude: 5,000ft,
Area: 1510sq. Kilometres
Distance from Nairobi: 275 kilometres

HIGHLIGHTS - Exceptional game viewing: Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Elephant, Buffalo, Cheetah, Mara River Hippo Pools, Traditional Maasai Culture, tremendous views across the plains & rolling Hills.

Widely considered to be Africa's greatest wildlife reserve and the jewel in Africa’s crown, Maasai Mara is home to a spectacular array of wildlife. The open savannah, woodlands and tree-lined rivers create an eco-system that supports huge numbers of bird and mammal species. The western border of the park is the spectacular Siria Escarpment, dotted with acacia trees, creating scenery of stunning beauty. Lions are found in abundance throughout the park, as well as Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, and a variety of Gazelle species. Cheetahs are regularly seen and, with luck, you may also find Rhino and the elusive Leopard.


Game viewing is never dull in the Mara, and patience is often rewarded with unique sightings. The richness of fauna, this profusion of winged beauty and the untouched fragility of the landscape, are all subordinate to the Mara's foremost attraction, the march of the wildebeest. Each year from July to September, the Mara plays host to the world's greatest natural spectacle, the Great Wildebeest Migration from the Serengeti. From July to October, the promise of rain and fresh life giving grass in the north brings more than 1.3 million Wildebeest together into a single massive herd. They pour across the border into the Mara, making a spectacular entrance in a surging column of life that stretches from horizon to horizon.

The Maasai Mara is home to members of the Maasai tribe who may be seen around the borders of the park. The Mara comprises 200 sq miles of open plains, woodlands and riverine forest. Continuous with the plains of the Serengeti, the Mara is home to a breathtaking array of life.

BALLOON SAFARI – This is a unique experience at the Mara. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow coloured canopy, you take off for a game-viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. The thing that amazes most first-time balloonists is the absolute stillness, the silence as you float above the plains, the forest and the rivers of the Maasai Mara. And if you've flown elsewhere, you've seen nothing like this. The sounds below drift clearly upwards: a lion's roar, elephants crashing through the bush, baboons perched in the tips of the trees startled and screeching to see something above them.


For an hour or so you drift wherever the air currents take you. If you're lucky you'll climb high above the Mara for the view of a lifetime. Then your balloon safari finishes with a flourish. In the time honoured tradition of balloon flights the world over, you toast your return to earth with a champagne breakfast. The difference is that this breakfast happens in the bush, wherever you land, and it's cooked before your eyes on the burners that minutes before kept you suspended in the air.