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Geographical Location

The Maldives Islands. An aquatic nation that spans across the equator in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is located south of India to the west of Sri Lanka. Rarely can you find a more beautiful nation with its secluded tropical islands and clear blue waters. The nation is made up of over 1100 islands grouped into 26 different atolls. An atoll is a group of coral islands consisting of reefs and surrounding lagoons. Out of these numerous islands only 200 are inhabited, with 88 islands adapted as exclusive resort islands.

The Maldives has a hot, tropical climate. There are two monsoons, the southwest from May to October and the northeast from November to April. Generally the southwest brings more wind and rain in June and July. The temperature rarely falls below 77°F (25°C). The best time to visit is November to April.


Malé is a unique capital city. Small and full to capacity, this 1.2 mile (2km) long by .62 mile (1km) wide island, with a population of 70,000, is the busiest island in the Maldives. Malé has a remarkable mixture of modernism and traditional Maldivian culture. If you’re visiting the Maldives because of business purposes, the hotels in Malé will best suit your needs.


Islam is the focus of the Maldivian life in every respect, all being Sunni Muslims.


Maldivians are very peaceful and hospitable. In this small nation over 200,000 people live, with approximately 70,000 of them on the capital city of Male. Male is a mixture of traditional and modern culture. The older generation clings to their way of life and the younger generation embraces western trends that are evident in their dress and music

Economic Profile

Tourism is Maldives largest industry followed by fishing.