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Welcome to Tanzania Safaris!

Tanzania is located on the East Coast of Africa, bordering Kenya and Uganda. The spectacular landscape of Tanzania offers differing terrain, tribes and an intense concentration of wildlife. Tanzania hosts centuries of history embedded throughout the country and has seen influences of various groups of people going through the land. Visitors come across colourful local tribal villages, modern bustling cities and eons of Arabian culture still living through the coastal cities. All this has integrated as one and co-exists with a blanket of peace and tranquillity hard to find elsewhere.

Population: Approximately 34 million – with a national growth rate of 2.8 %.
Total land area: Mainland Tanganyika & the islands Zanzibar & Pemba comprise: 930.700
Language: Official: English and Kiswahili with 120 different dialects within Tanzania.
Capital city: Dar es Salaam is the major trading centre & port. Dodoma is the official capital.
Dar es Salaam Population: Approx. 3 million
Political system: Multi party democracy

Dar es Salaam, where most international flights arrive into is about 8-10 hours flying time from major European cities, and 16-20 hours flying time from North American cities.