Customs and Culture

The unit of local currency is the Tanzania Shilling (T Sh). American dollars in cash or travellers' cheques are acceptable in many places around town. There are many Bureaux de Change offices around Stone Town, which offer reasonable rates and are usually faster than banks. Recommended bureaux for changing money are located in Malindi, Shangani, or ask Festival Staff for help and directions. The exchange rate is more favourable for cash and for larger denomination notes, and at April 2003 the rate is just above1000/- T Shs for one US dollar or 1,600/- for £1 Sterling. Credit cards are still almost unknown in Zanzibar, and if you do manage to find a place to use them there will usually be a surcharge of at least 10%. Bartering about prices is common in Zanzibar marketplaces. Hotel, restaurant and tour operator prices are generally non-negotiable.