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Happy Travellers

I wanted to write to you to let you know about my experiences during the trip arranged by HTT. I first begin with thanking you for the cooperation and the adjustment in finalizing the trip. The numerous email exchanges between various HTT personnel only confirmed that I was dealing with people with responsibility.

The warm attitude at the HTT office as well as your invaluable tips regarding the tip will make me recommend HTT to my colleagues and family. From the beginning to the end, from the arrival to the departure at the airport, everything was taken care of. The guide assigned to us, Anthony Munene, was an icing on the cake.

He is well aware and is quite knowledgeable about the job he is doing. He ensured that we enjoyed to the most and cooperated with us at every point. However, a little detailed information about the itinerary would have helped us enjoy the trip more than we did now. For e.g.: a day less at Amboseli or a day more at Masai Mara, a recommendation for Samburu.

But this does not take away the pleasure we had at Kenya wildlife safaris. Once again, I would like to thank you for giving us an amazing experience. Thanks,
Vishal Bhargava

Dear, Thank you for arranging a wonderful trip to Kenya. We enjoyed it , it was a great experience and our special thanks to Steve our guide and driver for his great assistance. Asanthe,
Sasi & Lijo Families

Dear all,
This mail is to thank you for the excellent services offered to Mr.El Gammal and family. I met them in Cairo last week and told me that they had a great time in Kenya, the services, the van, the chauffeur, the hotels, everything exceeded their expectations. Thank you again.
Sabrina, Egypt

Happy new year to you and your HTT colleagues.
I hope that 2014 is off to a great start. I had a visit late in 2013 from Justin, his wife, and their son. They are a beautiful family. Thank you for sending your regards.
I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to the entire HTT group for providing my friends and I with an excellent safari experience. Bob, Teri, Kyle and I are still talking about our wonderful time in Africa. We know that it takes the efforts of many HTT team members to build each safari experience. Please extend our thanks to everyone who contributed. I would also like to personally thank several HTT representatives whom we had the pleasure to meet in Kenya:

Your team took great care of us in Kenya. When Kyle and I had a delayed arrival due to a passport complication, Walter communicated with us promptly and made all the necessary arrangements for us to make a smooth connection to the rest of our group. What could have been a stressful situation, was made easy and really rather enjoyable, thanks to Walter's great efforts. Thank you.

I would also like to share my gratitude to three driver/guides who provided particularly excellent, friendly service to my group. In the Masai Mara, Gideon was our excellent guide. He was personable, informative, professional and he made sure we were able to participate in all the experiences on our wish-list. During Bob's participation in the Masai Mara Half Marathon, Gideon was particularly helpful in ensuring that Bob, and the rest of our group, had a memorable experience.

In the Amboseli area (Porini), our excellent guides were Julius and Jonah. They were friendly, professional, attentive and offered us a great introduction to the local culture. We had some of our best animal viewing with Julius and Jonah, whose driving skills were impressive! Thank you, Julius and Jonah!

Thinking back to the early planning stages of our safari, I remember great customer service efforts by Sammy Kipchumba and James Gikonyo. I expect that my group was not easy to deal with, since it was our first trip to Africa and we had many questions and concerns. Sincere thanks to the entire team at HTT, for your attentive customer service.

Regarding the hotels and camps on our safari, we were all very pleased. We received excellent service and a warm welcome at each location. The rooms were comfortable, clean and nicely decorated. In the Amboseli-Porini camp, we loved that our tents were literally in the natural landscape, surrounded by animals roaming free. In the Masai Mara Club camp, we were so impressed by the location of our tents, overlooking a river full of hippos!

In the Amboseli-Porini camp, I recall a great welcome from the camp director and also, the offer of beverages throughout the day. Sun-downers were particularly nice. In the Masai Mara Club, the attendant at the camp swimming pool was very welcoming! I wish I could remember his name...he offered us great service and was quite informative about the local animals living in and around the camp. Our waiter at the dining room is also deserving of special mention, as he offered super friendly service and made sure we were always on time. And the food was wonderful at every location!

My group is still talking about the amazing food we were offered in Africa. It was plentiful and flavorful. Even our picnic lunches, while on our game drives, were wonderful. Now that we are back home, Kyle and I really miss the coffee/tea wake-up service in the mornings. What a treat that was! We were really well taken care of in Africa. Please extend our compliments to the camp staff at each location.

And finally, a couple of favorite memories: Throughout our safari, my friend, Teri, was thrilled to see the animals and was quite vocally enthusiastic, letting out periodic gasps and little screams, as we viewed the game from our safari vehicle. Then we visited the rhino sanctuary in the Masai Mara. We exited our vehicle and followed a guide, on foot for the first time. We rounded a corner and there was a HUGE rhino!

Teri was first in line. She turned around to face me so quickly and I could see that she was holding in a massive cry of surprise and delight, so that she wouldn't scare the rhino. The look on her face was priceless! What a fantastic experience we had, spending time so close to those magnificent and peaceful animals. Another fun memory of our safari experience was riding in the small aircraft, between the camps. Kyle and I have enjoyed telling the story of one particular landing, when there was a herd of zebra on the runway. The pilot cleverly flew over the herd and then quickly landed. It was a thrilling site to see through the cockpit windshield. Only in Africa!

Thank you again for looking after us and extending such a warm welcome. I'm so glad that Justin recommended HTT. Our Africa experience will be one of our favorite memories of all time! Warm regards,
Kristin Donner