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Tsavo National Parks

Tsavo West & East

Tsavo is a rugged beautiful wilderness. It has a savannah ecosystem that is made up of open grasslands, scrublands and acacia woodlands. Then there's the marvel of Mzima Springs, replenished with twenty million litres of crystal-clear water a day, from the underground streams of the nearby Chyulu Hills. The Springs form a haven for wildlife where elephant soak half immersed in the waters, light-footed hippo’s tip-toe across the bottom and crocodiles bask on the banks.

The prolific wildlife includes great herds of elephant and many lions - some undoubtedly the descendants of the famous Man Eaters of Tsavo! Among the less common animals to be found are the fringed-eared oryx, the gerenuk and Hunter's hartebeest. In addition to lion, leopard and cheetah, the carnivores include caracal and hyena.

Tsavo West and Tsavo East

The landscape is dominated by the giant baobab trees which live as long as 1000 years. After the rains the park is covered in blossoms. Acacia trees, showered with white and pink flowers and the desert rose, produce flowers of striking beauty. This feast of wildlife, flora and birds combines to make Tsavo of special interest - an interest made greater perhaps by geological activity evidenced by recently extinct volcanoes and massive lava flows.

Photos from Tsavo

Famous for the "Man Eater" Lions