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Samburu Game Reserve

for Rich, Ragged and Wild Safari

Samburu offers Kenya’s greatest – and least changed – encounter with wild Africa. It is one of the most interesting places in Kenya, unique for several reasons: this harsh, beautiful wilderness depends on the steady flow of the Uaso Nyiro River for its existence, which brings the Aberdares waters, and those of the crystal clear Buffalo Springs.

The river waters a variety of animal species found only north of the Equator, including the majestic Beisa Oryx, the reticulated giraffe, the thin-striped Grevy’s zebra, and the ‘giraffe-necked’ gerenuk antelope, which stands on its hind legs to feed. Elephant, lion and leopard can be seen along the river. The 400-plus species of birds are spectacular.

The vast expanse of the Samburu wilderness, its iconic wildlife delivers an out of this world wilderness experience. The intricate mix of nature, wildlife and people, makes for an interesting African wild safari.

Samburu - Luxury Kenya and Tanzania Safaris

The humid spots give rise to luxuriant vegetation, with the pre-historical-looking bi-branched doum palms, riverine forests and grasslands. The high faunal concentration at the waterholes and streams is a gift for the wildlife watcher, while animals also seem to amuse themselves staring at the tourists dipping in one of the Buffalo Springs pools, which is conditioned for bathing.

Photos from Samburu

for Rich, Ragged and Wild Safari