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Choosing the Right Clothing for your Safari

Going on an African safari is an exciting experience. The wildlife, beautiful scenery and interacting with new cultures make for great safari memories that last a lifetime. One question that people ask often is what type of clothing to wear. When it comes to the right attire for a safari, there are a few things to consider. You can order the type of safari wear you want from us in advance and get it upon your arrival.

Pack for the Weather

what to wear when going on safari

First, the type of safari clothing you pack should depend on where in Africa you are traveling to. Africa is vast with different weather conditions and doesn’t have the typical four season climate. In East Africa, it is either wet or dry season. Early mornings and evenings can be chilly. Pack a lightweight fleece jacket or a pullover for sitting around the bonfire at night. Don’t forget t-shirts and lightweight trousers for the day. If travelling in wet/rainy season, carry a lightweight rain jacket for sudden showers.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

what to wear when going on safari

Consider your comfort when packing for a safari. Pack clothes that are physically comfortable; allows you to walk freely and ones that you won’t mind getting dusty. You will be well served if your trouser/shirt has lots of pockets i.e. for keeping phones, glasses, cameras, flashlight, etc.

Colour of Clothes

The colour of clothes won’t affect your safari experience. However, if you plan to go for a walking safari, better wear earthly colours like beige, khaki, grey, brown, olive or tan as these won’t scare away the animals. Avoid camouflage clothes as in most places it is illegal to wear anything related to the military.

Sensible & Comfy Footwear

A normal safari doesn’t involve a lot of walking, unless of course you are on a walking safari. However, as with clothes, the shoes you wear should be comfortable and easy on your feet. Carry a pack of trainers, walking or hiking boots as occasionally your guide might take you off the jeep/safari van.

Essential Accessories

To keep the sun or dust at bay, you should definitely wear a hat. It could be a safari hat or just a normal cap. A lightweight scarf will go a long way in keeping the sun’s rays off your back or shield you from tiny insects. A nice pair of sunglasses will save your eyes from staring at landscapes all day.

what to wear when going on safari